Website and Patreon access

What are Generations?

What is the status in the Models page?

Where can I find the Patreon archive link?

I can not access the Patreon Lounge!

What’s the Beta section?

Are you tracking me on this website?


I want to delete some Outfits, but data are not completely deleted.

I want to delete the model from the scene, but data are not completely deleted.

I found a bug. Where can I report it?


Do I have to install something to use the UI?

After appending the model, I can’t see the UI.

The UI does not work with more characters that uses it.

Morphs are not preserved when I disable them.

My shape key drivers are not working when I disable the Morphs.

How can I generate a log file?

Can I modify the UI myself?

The UI does not work with Blender 3.2 or above.


The fps (frames per second) of viewport animations it very low.

Blender lags a lot while I pose the bones.

Blender lags a lot while I select the bones in Pose mode.

The model freezes when posing

The MHX panel is not loading in all/some blend files.

Bones have locks/limits on Location/Rotation

I can’t load poses from the Asset Library.

The genitals bones are in a weird position.


Blender crashes during rendering.

The eyes are not rendering correctly (mirror effect).

Particle hair in Eevee renderings are thick and clunky.

Graphic artifacts on the skin


The textures are blocky/there are some sharp shadows in Render preview/Render.

Normals are too strong.

The hair are rendered with strange black zones.

Renderings stop with Out of Memory errors.

Particle hair in Cycles takes too much time to render

Is there something I should check before final rendering?

Modify Models

I would like to add physics effects (bouncing, etc..) to a model.

I would like to add a new outfit to a model.