Jessie Rasberry

Generation: 3
Status: Released
Latest Version: 1.0.3 (23/01/2023)
Blender Supported: 3.4 or above





Version 1.0.3 (23/01/2023)

  • Improvement: enhanced/fixed several issues with the shaders for Cycles.
  • Improvement: added a new Smooth Face More option (available in Advanced option of Body MustardUI section) to make the face look younger in Cycles. The default is 0.8, set it to 0 to revert to the previous version face shape.
  • UI: Updated MustardUI to
  • Bug: fixed the color options in the outfits in Blender 3.4.
  • Bug: fixed the eyes shader in Cycles.
  • Bug: fixed the hair shader in Cycles.
  • Bug: fixed some other small bugs.

Note: this version is now compatible only with Blender 3.4+.

Version 1.0.2 (19/11/2022)

  • Bug: Fixed noise on hair during animation renderings in Cycles.
  • UI: Updated MustardUI to

Version 1.0.1 (13/10/2022)

This version mainly fixes all bugs encountered during Beta testing, and introduces the missing features to get a stable final release.

Beta (29/08/2022) – First release for patrons.

If you have any idea not mentioned in this list, please contact me on Discord.

Legacy Models

The older models can be downloaded in the Patreon archive or on


  • A really huge thank to Sreliata for the help with Tifa. Some of her tips has been implemented also in this model.
  • Rigid3D for some ideas from his great models.
  • All the people who reported the bugs! I can improve models only with feedbacks!