Pose Library

Latest Version: 1 (28/06/2022)

The Poses are available in an external Pose Library. This ensures that all the models have the same Pose Library, and you can just update this library to get the updated poses in all models.

Note: the poses work in FK mode only! You should change this in the MHX panel (not in the Armature panel in the MustardUI)! Check the IK/FK part of the documentation for more information.

Note: this pose library is compatible with Generation 3 models only!


Before you can use the Poses in the library, you have to install it with the following procedure.

  • Download the pose library with the link above.
  • Extract it and place it in the folder where you keep the other Assets. If you don’t have one yet, just create an Asset folder somwhere (it doesn’t need to be in the Blender installation folder).
    Note: use a permanent folder position! If you change the folder name or its path, you will need to follow the steps below again!
  • Open any Blender file, and open the Blender Preferences (Edit -> Preferences…).
  • Go to the File Path section.
  • In the Asset Libraries tab, add the new Mustard Pose Library with the + button (red box in the image). The path should then be something like in the figure (blue box).

In order to use the Poses, you will also need to enable the Pose Library default addon, if you haven’t already.

  • In the Blender Preferences, go to the Add-ons section.
  • Enable the Pose Library addon.


After the installation, you can start using the Poses!

  • Firstly, open the Asset Library. It is a window like Viewport, Shader Editor, etc..
  • The Poses can be found in the Mustard Poses Library, that you can access selecting it as in the red box in the image.
  • All Poses can be called simply clicking on the armature in the Viewport, and double clicking on the Pose you want to call in the Asset Library.

That’s it! You can now start posing your characters. 🙂


  • Some poses might need to switch to FK. Check the main documentation (Armature and Poses section) if you are unsure about how to do so.
  • If the Asset Library is painfully slow and it takes a lot to show the poses previews, try to close and re-open Blender. In particular, after the Pose Library installation, it might help to just open the Mustard Pose Library in the Asset Library, wait until some of the previews are available, then save and closes Blender. This should fix the performance issues.
    If you still have performance issues, you can also append the poses from the downloaded Pose Library as they were Actions, and they will be available as Current File poses in the Asset Browser.
  • If the pose is only applied on certain bones, be aware that the Poses are applied to the selected bones! To apply it to the entire armature, just press Alt+A in viewport in pose mode to deselect all bones, and then try to call the pose again.