Tifa Lockhart

Generation: 3
Status: Released
Latest Version: 1.9.1 (21/12/2023)
Blender Supported: 4.0 or above


  • Face model from the game, with complete face rig.
  • Custom body proportions, resembling the canon ones.
  • Two original outfits.
  • Tons of additional outfits, with custom properties.
  • Possibility to add additional outfits following the Import Outfits guide.
  • Three hair styles from the game and a Blender particle hair one.
  • Tons of customization body morphs and emotions.
  • Corrective shape keys for extreme poses, plus tweak bones.
  • Cycles and Eevee ready. The latter has dedicated shaders (my preview pictures are mostly made with Eevee).
  • MustardUI (users can modify it, without writing a single line of code).
  • Poses available in the Asset Library (as a separate file).


Model specific instructions




Preview of shaders in Cycles (left) and Eevee (right).



Future Ideas and Known Bugs

Statistic and Legacy Models

Some statistics on the Tifa models:

  • 5 major versions
  • More than 25 revision versions, with new features and bug fixes
  • More than 250 changelog entries
  • More than 100k downloads, only on smutba.se and the versions that are now available
  • Over 500k views on the smutba.se model pages, of which more than half on the Version 4 of the model
  • 17 MustardUI major versions used during the model developement

The older models can be downloaded in the Patreon archive or on smutba.se:

  • Version 1 (released in May 2020)
  • Version 2 (released in December 2020)
  • Version 3 (released in March 2021) was replaced by Version 4, and it is available for download on the Patreon archive only
  • Version 4 (released in June 2021)


  • A really huge thank to Sreliata for the help in improving the model to be as close as in game as possible.
  • Calibrator for the particle hair systems (eyebrows, pubic hair, and some parts of the main hair).
  • RashNemain for huge help in optimizing the model (and the countless hours in testing this part of the model).
  • Rigid3D for some ideas from his great models.
  • Gman and Nagooanimation for the help with the particle hair.
  • Beta Testers: Maiden Masher, Desire Reality.
  • All the people who reported the bugs! I can improve models only with feedbacks!
  • (A special thank to crute for the Smutba.se download icon).