New website!

New website!

Hi everyone!

This will be the new website where I will post all the new models, both for Patreon and public releases!
In addition, since the new website allows this, I will post updates on developement as well as tips and tricks on the new Blog.

Patreon instructions

The new Patreon archive can now be found on the page:

You can access the link above with your Patreon credentials!
Just temember to click on Allow on the Patreon access page.


  • Unfortunately, due to the API limitations, you’ll need an active subscription and at least 0.5€ pledge. Therefore be sure to currently pledge at least 1€ before trying to access the archive.
  • Moreover, for security reasons, while the payment is pending (i.e. at the start of the month or soon after pledging with some payment methods, the login might fail). If this happens, please wait a bit.
  • If any error appears, please clear your browser cache and logout/login again on Patreon, or try with another browser.
  • If you can’t solve the access problems, please contact me (Twitter and Discord will be faster for replies).
  • There will never be any advertisement on this webpage, and I disabled all possible trakcers like Google Analytics. So enjoy a true-privacy experience (only Patreon for obvious reasons will know you were on the website if you want to access the archive).

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