The models I make are divided in Generations, depending on the features that are available.


  • new shader: as already implemented in my recent OC, I decided to use the same new shader. Compared to the previous one it seems to me more realistic, as I tried to remove unwanted “plastic” effects.
    As always, you can tweak the shader settings in MustardUI. Check the Advanced panel, provided you enable Advanced options in the Settings panel.
An example of the skin shader changes from Generation 2 (left) to Generation 3 (right). The model is Tifa Lockhart.
  • new face rig: the new rig will create combined movement with face bones and shape key, just moving some bones. In the image, literally took 30 seconds to make this (but I hope you’ll do much better than this). Obviously the old bones as well as the morphs are also available: just choose your preferred workflow to pose the face!
  • asset browser poses: due to the deprecation of the legacy pose library in Blender 3.2, all poses are now available in the Asset browser. With the asset browser you can now blend more poses together, get preview images to help select the pose you need, etc.. And this is compatible with all MHX models (all my models, and all Diffeomorphic/Daz model whose rig is MHX), just import the asset library in any MHX based rig!
  • new breasts model: the breasts part has been updated with a new mesh. Moreover some additional bones are available. 
  • breath bones: two breath bones has been added to pose breathing easily. There is also a tool in the UI to automatically create the breathing animation keys, in order to have a realistic breathing animation in a few clicks!
  • new finger IK: for some poses where the finger tips should remain still on a surface, this new feature will be very useful. I have to make some tests, as it doesn’t work always, but it’s an improvement with respect to pose all fingers for each frame to avoid collisions!
  • pressure for some outfits: I tried to add some pressure effects on some outfits.
  • new UV: using the new Genesis8.1 UV, most of the problems related to the neck area should be solved or at least less noticiable.
  • optimizations: the model should now be faster due to the new morph implementation in Diffeomorphic 1.6. Note that the improvements are not huge, and you might still need to disable morphs during posing.
  • others: in general, switching to Diffeomorphic 1.6 should bring a lot of improvements in the rig. If you are interested, check the MHX documentation on the Diffeomorphic page.